Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does your spa pedicure include?
If you're looking for relaxation, this is it! Soak in an amazing foot spa, toes, cuticles, foot file (reduction of callus), foot scrub, foot massage all included. Sit back and enjoy a luxury pedicure station complete with a side table to put your beverage or magazine as well as a fabulous full back massage.
Q: What is the difference between your spa pedicure and your mini pedicure?
With a mini pedicure you get everything listed above except the foot file and foot scrub. The mini pedicure is great for the budget, if you don't have the time for a full hour pedicure, or if you still want the joys of a pedicure but don't need a foot scrub or file.
Q: What is a gel manicure?
Gel polish is the only difference. Gel polish is a gel but it is soakable and is not an enhancement (you can not add length with this product). The wonderful part about gel polish is you will leave dry and stay shiny!  The product will stay (and still shine) for up to 2 weeks. No drying time, no worries about smudging! Who wouldn't want that convenience? 

Q: Do you offer gel polish changes?
NO the removal and application process for a gel color change is the same length of time and procedure as a gel manicure.
Q: How many nail and gel polishes do you have?
A lot....over 200, so if you can't decide we'll be more than happy to assist. Still can't make up your mind? Well then it's a good thing it's not a tattoo ;) You can choose to view the polish on the rack or browse through those same polishes on a color palette where you will see the way it will really come out once it is on your nails.
Q: What brand of gel and acrylic products do you use?
Only the very best and that would be - Young Nails. Winner of 2009 best Acrylic and Gel by Reader's Choice in Nails Magazine. We also carry Cuccio, China Gelaze, Orly, and QRS. 
Q: What brand of nail polish do you use?
We use Caption, Cuccio, China Glaze, Q.R.S, and VInylux
Q: How often should I come in for a gel manicure and or gel/acrylic fill?
We suggest every 2 weeks.
Q: How often should I come in for a pedicure?
Summer time  - plan to come in about every 4 weeks. During the winter it will be roughly every 6-8 weeks. Yes, you should take care of your feet all year - they take care of you, don't they?
Q: What is the best way to prepare for a pedicure?
Well, I always say "don't prepare - come on in and bring a friend!" Please don't feel like you need to clip your nails or file your feet. We will do all that for you! It's actually a better idea to try and keep the nail clipping to us. Generally clients may think they are helping, but really end up taking their toe nails down too low, so your best bet is to leave all the work to us :)
Q: Does keeping gel polish or any enhansment on for to long damage your nails.  
NO! Not at all. I have said this for over 15 years. It's not the tool its the fool! If the product being used is a professional product it will not do any damage to your nails. It's the over filing of the nail that does the damage. Make sure your nail professional is well trained and you will be just fine.
Q: Do you take walk-ins?

Yes, we accept walk-in's. However, we may not always be able to accommodate you at that time. It is always best to call ahead or make an appointment.

Q: How long does it take for a pedicure?
A spa pedicure takes about 1 hour and a mini pedicure takes about 30min.
Q: Do you sell OPI nail polish?
We sell Caption Polish and nail strengtheners.
Q: Should I shave my legs right before my pedicure?

Q: I am a nail/cosmetology student/professional. Can you teach me?



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